Who is Snapchat’ co-founder Evan Spiegel’s Girlfiend?

Snapchat has become Apple’s top 10 apps in the iTunes AppStore, one of Snapchats founders is Evan Spiegel, the handsome young man we are about to introduce you to, but because this is WagCenter not TechCruch or any of those tech sites we love so much, we are here merely to meet or find out who is Evan Spiegel’s girlfriend in case he had any.

Because we get to meet Evan’s better half , let us tell you him, I’m telling he is quite a catch!!

Evan Spiegel girlfriend picture

23-year-old Evan Thomas Spiegel the only son  of John Spiegel, 65, and his ex wife Melissa Ann Thomas, 68, had, but not their only child, Evan has two beautiful young sisters. According to Gawker’s Valleywag, both of Evan’s parents are wealthy lawyers who were happy to give their children almost anything they asked for. Her mom graduated from Harvard

In the same Valleywag article mentioned before they described Evan as another Spoiled L.A  brat, after he got his driver’s license his parents gave his the family used 2006 Cadillac Escalade, not a  new car, “used”, his dad was criticized because he asked his friend to let Evan park his car inside his property located next to the school Evan was enrolled to and who didn’t allow him to park on campus, Why didn’t the school let him park on campus? why is so bad for a parent to watch over his child safety when the only thing he had to do was to ask his friend who lives next door t0 let his son ark his car? I don’t see what so bad about that!

Some time after that and after Mr. and Mrs. Spiegel divorce Evan received a brand new BMW 550i, these days and after Snapchats millionaire revenue Evan is driving a beautiful Ferrari.

Evan studied Graphic Design, Advertising, Letterpress Printing at the Art Center College of Design from where he graduated in 2008 the same year he was awarded with the Columbia Scholastic Press Association First Place Award for Newspaper Infographics.

Spiegel would have a B.S in product design from Stanford University but he dropped out of college three classes shy from graduation, the reason ????? well, having started Snapchat a year earlier he and fellow co-founder Bobby Murphy, Evan decided he was putting all his energy in the promising app.

Everything was going pretty smooth until Frank Reginald Brown a former classmate at Stanford claimed he was the one who came with the whole concept of Snapchat, but that topic is way to long and way too boring to discuss, let’s move on to more interesting stuff, live Evan Spiegel’s love life

Which for my disappointment is not that much fun ether, there is no sign of any girl in Evan’s life, or a boyfriend either, at least that is what we know.

Evan moved back with his dad and he told the Huff Post he will continue to live there until Mr. Spiegel kicks him out, or until he finds a very, smart lady with a king size bed and a cool giraffes painting by Julien Isaacs.

Good luck girls, Evan is a sexy piece of eye candy!!!

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Author: MIVA

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